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Our design/build program offers a variety and level of services. The following is just a sample of some of the services that Baldwin Building Systems provides.

Levels of Support and Construction

Owner has an idea

  • Assist in selecting a site
  • Design and Permit
  • Construct the facility

Owner has an idea and property

  • Design and Permit
  • Construct the facility

Owner has property and Design

  • Construct the facility

Owner requires partial services

  • Furnish steel structure
  • Furnish and erect steel structure
  • Construct concrete slab;
    • furnish and erect steel structure

Our clients benefit from our Design/Build services through our long standing relationship with Civil Engineering firms, Architectural firms, and subcontractors that clearly understand cost-effective and quality construction techniques associated with budget sensitive projects. This aspect, coupled with our ability to adapt a pre-engineered steel system to just about any project with a total group effort of hard-working professionals, is what has allowed our clients to experience substantial cost savings.

From the planning phase through the ribbon cutting, you will be working with a close knit group of Baldwin staff and trusted subcontractors who can finish your project safely, on time, and within budget.
Our award-winning buildings are the result of an experienced team of professionals providing top-quality service to our clients.

Baldwin Building Systems, Inc. is your local authorized dealer for Metallic Building Company.

For over 50 years, Metallic Building Company has set the standard in the metal building industry. As part of the NCI Building Systems’ family, they are the fastest growing and the largest supplier of custom-engineered building systems and components in the world. Metallic Building Company is a leader in an industry involved in 70% of all low-rise, non-residential construction in the United States.

Quality, Flexibility and Value
Metallic’s wide range of structural systems and components, coupled with the construction industry’s most advanced computer-assisted engineering technology, provide the greatest quality, flexibility and value possible for your building project.

Weatherproof and Durable
Metallic Building Company offers a wide range of roof and wall panel systems featuring high performance coatings. Warranties are available for up to 20 years. Metallic is a leader in standing seam roof technology. The SS 216 and Weather Roof II & III Standing Roof Systems ensure weather-tightness by means of an advanced design that eliminates the need for through fasteners. Panel edges are interlocked at a raised seam and a concealed clip assembly allows floating action of the roof panels. The result is a long-lasting, low-maintenance roof system that can withstand pounding rains, extreme winds, thermal stresses and the hottest or coldest of temperatures.

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